Talking To A Stranger W/ ( @gleamsatm )

This Week I Got Gleams Here . For Those Of You Who Dont Know About Him He Is A Rapper From NY . You May Know Him From Twitter Or The Joe Budden Show . We Gon Get Right To It .

Where Are You From ?

Born in washington heightz, raised in dyckman till the 8th grade then moved upstate to middletown ny. Came back and lived in Roosevelt Island, while chillin in harlem daily … so i just say New York without specifics lol.

How Did You Get The Name Gleams ?

Honestly … one lonely night(i don’t remember exactly when)years ago, sifting through the dictionary. I liked the way it sounded and the definition of it was synonymous with the rap game.

What Age Did You Say ” You Know What I Want To Be A Rapper “

Around 10th grade(counts fingers lol) … prolly around 18 years old. I would get into battles in high school and get crazy reactions from the crowds during passing time or in the morning before class started.

What Made You Want To Start Rapping ?

The move upstate killed my aspirations to become a baseball player, it was a change of       lifestyle. When u leave the city u have more time to think without interruption, which i did soo often i decided to write, record and share it with the people.

How Did You Meet Joe Budden ?

The homie Ice introduced me to him at one of his shows in the city.

What Are You Feelings Towards The Current State Of ” Hip Hop ” ?

Admiration and Inspiration more than anything. We have options again as listeners and its cool to be yourself again.

How Do You Separate Yourself From Other Artist ?

Make music from the heart instead of taking what i see being done and implementing it into my operation creatively.

How Would You Define Your Music ?

Conscious, Informative while keeping the need to entertain in mind

Who Are Some Of Your Musical Influences ?

John Lennon, Joe Budden and Charles Hamilton to name a few familiar yet uncommon names for this question … then u got the Nas’s the Jay-Z’s, the Big Krit’s and Nipsey Hussles. U see what i did there?

What Do You Hope To Accomplish With Rapping ?

Spread information i think needs to be heard and solidify my spot as one of the greatest to ever contribute to hip hop.

Who Would You Like to Work With In the Future ?

Skyzoo, Emilio Rojas, and The Game to name a few

Any Advice For Upcoming Rappers ?

Work hard, be humble but at the same time don’t let them tell u that u can’t do something

Any Upcoming Music/Shows/Mixtapes ?

Dropping No Uggs on tuesday … its an ode(lol)to the people who thirst to wear them in the wrong weather. I’m working on two shows as we speak which u’ll hear about, one of them in june will be a huge look hopefully. And the next project i’m dropping is a follow up to my debut EP The Exception, its called “The Exceptionals”

Anything You Want The People To Know ?

My mixtape “The Cast” is out now please go download it from my website, the people loving it

Site/Link To Music / Twitter / Email – for everything Gleams, go to … thanks and shouts to the homie bigga for the interview!

Have a Great Day/Night from

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